About us


At GAIM Network, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide with the tools they need to accelerate their growth and foster innovation and intelligence.


Our goal is to make these tools accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, background, or industry.

We believe that by providing innovative AI-powered solutions and creating a global network of like-minded individuals, we can help individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential.

At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to fostering collaboration, promoting knowledge-sharing, and building a community that supports and inspires each other.

Who are WE?

Founded in 2023 and structured as an LLC, GAIM Network is led by CEO Brady Lewis and COO Zach Crain.

We are your gateway to a world of AI-powered innovation and limitless possibilities. We offer a wide range of services and products designed to empower developers, marketers, business owners, gamers, and more.

Meet the founders

Indiana. Georgia. USA.


Brady Lewis is the visionary CEO/Co-founder of our cutting-edge tech company: GAIM Network. With over 25 years of experience in web development and digital marketing, Brady is a true expert in his field. Prior to joining our team, he spent nearly a decade in tech leadership at Salesforce, one of the most highly-regarded tech companies in the world.

Brady’s impressive skillset includes expertise in technology architecture, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital automation, and software development. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Informatics with a minor in Computer Science, as well as an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems and several enterprise software certifications.

When he’s not busy transforming the tech industry, Brady enjoys indulging in his hobbies. You can often find him watching documentaries, listening to music, or showing off his impressive knowledge at pub trivia nights.

With Brady at the helm, our company is sure to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of technology.


COO/Co-founder of GAIM Network: Originating from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, Zach Crain stands as a trailblazing innovator, a marketing virtuoso, and a digital operations maestro. Armed with a remarkable 15-year journey in the tech, digital, and marketing realms, Zach possesses a stellar record of igniting growth and orchestrating remarkable transformations.

Before laying the foundation for GAIM Network, Zach assumed pivotal roles as a torchbearer in operations, e-commerce, and marketing across esteemed digital enterprises, including forays into private equity.

Zach’s fervent passion lies in harnessing technology’s potential to resolve intricate challenges and catalyze positive change on a global scale. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from The University of Georgia and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Georgia State University, Zach’s academic pursuits mirror his unwavering commitment to innovation.

During his leisure hours, Zach finds delight in cherished moments with family and friends, resonates with the rhythms of music, relishes the thrill of sports, and ceaselessly conceptualizes groundbreaking tech and processes.

What's in a GAIM

The name "GAIM Network" encapsulates our core values and mission:

  • Game-Changing: The pronunciation resembles "game," symbolizing the transformative nature of our offerings.
  • AI-Centric: The 'AI' in GAIM highlights our proficiency in creating and leveraging AI tools for personal and business development.
  • Growth and Intelligence: GAIM represents Growth Acceleration & Intelligence Management, the essence of our core business.
  • Network: It signifies our commitment to uniting individuals worldwide, simplifying lives, and facilitating business growth through our tools.